• Security Planning

    We can help you build a comprehensive security risk management framework with supporting policies and procedures that will ensure protection of your people, assets and information. Read More

    Security Planning
  • Security and resilience management

    Your security and resilience functions can be managed so that they integrate with each other and align with the rest of your organisation to support your strategic objectives and provide assurance that you are prepared to meet the challenges that you face. Read More

    Security and resilience management
  • Resilience Planning

    You can't always prevent things from going wrong, but we can help prepare you to minimise the damage when they do. Read More

    Resilience Planning

Our Philosophy

Our focus is on helping you to get the right people around the table with the right tools and processes to effectively manage security and resilience functions in your organisation. Lupine Consulting’s unique, stakeholder-oriented approach delivers a range of benefits for your security and resilience functions and for your broader organisation.

Your Benefits

  • Plan Strategically

    All of your security and resilience capabilities will be strategically planned to ensure that your stakeholders are reassured that the most prevalent risks are addressed as a matter of priority

  • Engage Your Stakeholders

    All of your internal and external stakeholders that might be impacted by security and resilience planning will be thoroughly engaged to ensure all requirements are addressed and that decisions are made inclusively

  • Continuously Improve

    You will have systems in place to ensure that security and resilience initiatives are applied consistently across the organisation and that your security and resilience capability continues to mature and improve over time

  • Align With Your Business

    Security processes will be aligned with business processes to minimise the impact on your core business and deliver value to your stakeholders

  • Coordinate Security and Resilience

    Your security and resilience functions will be coordinated to ensure that there are no conflicting arrangements nor duplication of effort

  • Allocate Resources Efficiently

    All your organisational resources will be deployed systematically to ensure greatest efficiency in managing the security and resilience risks that you face